Melting Ice

ice4In the past I have thought about the ephemeral nature of things, changes transitions we all have to go through. Sometimes this can be dramatic as life and death but sometimes it can be something smaller like moving house or thawing ice. Moments of time that were and are now no longer, and most importantly the in-between time before that transition, the moments in between and ending and a new beginning.

I have seen two such moments recently, I have over the last few months moved from a big three bedroom house in the suburbs into a tiny flat near the town. In the process I have had to get rid of most of my belongings and clutter – as they just don’t scale down well. Very cathartic to realize most of the stuff you owned and gathered and took delight in for a while wasn’t stuff you really needed or even used very much. However there was an attachment, now released, let go as I reside in a new neat clean minimalist space with my bare essentials. I feel lighter as I moved, the snow was beginning to fall down and was the start of the cold snap – but now today I took photos of all that cold and ice thawing away, returning to the water.

Warming sunlight now fills my flat, winter is leaving and spring will come soon, another ending and beginning like endless cycles but in gentle transition. I went for a walk this morning to my new park which will be where I can now go for relaxation and nature, art and poetry and walks. I have frequented my new local – Zincos Lounge, its a lot better than my old one. I feel this transition has been a little painful, but overall positive, better health, fewer belongings, closer to a community, easier to see my relatives and those I care about. Years of history swept away apart from a few souvenirs, clear out the old and make way for the new.

It has caused me to reevaluate my relationship with stuff and belongings as well, we live in a consumer society. It screams by more stuff from every advert on every street corner and screen, but I have decided I’m not going to do that so much anymore. In my parents generation they made things last, our culture makes things to break, but I have realised I have had a bad habit of hoarding and this just won’t be possible in my new place, so this should save some cash as well in terms of not constantly being things we don’t need because an advert or trend says so. Will our friends still love us if we don’t have the latest iPhone, the latest flat screen tv or gadget? I would hope so

My new beginning is letting go of the past, reducing clutter, reducing waste, recycling, making more time for positive life-enriching activities, art, poetry, performance, writing, dance – all of which are mostly free but are essential human activities long forgotten in being a passive consumer, watching tv, eating, buying things. I don’t want to be just an employee or a consumer, a robot in a suit. I want to be free to be me and this requires less stuff to be free.

The winter changes, the ice melts, new pathways emerge, spring is coming and may 2018 continue to be the best year yet. (photos Rosehill quarry Wales UK 4/04/18)


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