Famous Poets – Robert Burns

It was Burns night the other night and in my town, here in Wales we celebrated it too, with a couple of scots people living in exile. I had never been to a Burns night so didn’t quite know what to expect. It was good though even as a vegetarian we had a delicious scots broth soup followed by haggis, catering for everyone, a meat haggis and a vegan haggis for those who didn’t fancy this kind of meat… and it was delicious. Then came the poems, everyone got to pick a poem from random from the hat and perform it in front of the audience. There did appear to be a little serendipity present in who got which poem. I noticed that my comedian friend got a very apt poem for him. “Man was made to mourn” – this to a man who loves to make people laugh.  (see below)

To me this poem was quite apt as I had been thinking on the sufferings of man that do not appear to be to do with good or bad deeds or karma or any such thing. Maybe not living wisely, but people cause misery to other people all the time and there seems to be not much of a remedy to it (unless you wish to become a hermit) lol

The poem I received to recite was a little more cheerful, called the bards epitaph. I struggled over the Scottish dialect but laboured on and got an applause at the end



Upon reflection of this poem which too seemed personal to me, as I consider myself an aspiring bard, storyteller and poet that I learnt some noble truths. Listen to your bard as he or she can steer you in the right course in life and know also that the root of wisdom is self-control. I thought about this and how it is often wiser to say nothing or speak later than to blurt out something from the emotions with no self-control. Self-control is needed for lots of things, to lose weight, diplomacy, legal matters, teaching, parenting. To be self-controlled is to be wise and show restraint or at least be a little wiser than the fool.

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